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Chief Gary Paul Presswood

P O Box 428
Blanchard LA 71009

(318) 929-3700 Station

(318) 929-3408 Fax
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There are four (4) Full-time Officers, three (3) Part-time Officers and six (6) Reserve Officers, for a total of 13 sworn officers employed by the Blanchard Police Department. No civilian employees.


*Geographical Information*

Approximately six (6) square miles

Approximately 2,084 residents

Currently 832 homes

Area directly surrounding contains seven thousand residents

City of Shreveport is 2.6 miles south of Blanchard


*Response Procedures*

In 1980, a radio/telephone patch system was implemented, which routes calls for service directly to the officers seven days a week, 24-hours-a-day. This system does not utilize civilian employees, therefore saving the budget all costs associated with dispatcher/calltaker salaries and benefits. Citizens can reach the Blanchard Police Department by dialing the Police Department’s seven-digit telephone number (929-3700) or by calling 9-1-1 for emergency service. A sworn officer handles all calls for service in person. No reports are taken over the telephone.


1999 Annual STATISTICS


Field Investigations

Traffic Warnings


Traffic Tickets



77 121 24
February 86 67 103 22
March 125 81 113 38
April 81 60 111 25
May 77 83 98 21
June 163 63 114 25
July 58 77 113 39
August 76 79 119 35
September 72 75 91 28
October 72 74 78 28
November 60 51 88 18
December 91 104 109 28
TOTALS 1078 891 1258 328

    Total 1999 Activity:   3,555 

* For a complete breakdown report on the traffic tickets issued or the complaints received and investigated, please contact the Chief’s Office at 929-3700.

*Clearance Rates*

According to the 1995 FBI-UCR sheets, of the 21 reportable crimes 10 of the cases were cleared by arrest. This gives the Department a clearance rate of just under 50%.


The annual town budget, excluding the utility department, is estimated to be $315,000.0

The budget for the Police Department in 1998 is $186,000.00 (Approximately 59% of the 1998 Town Budget)


The four full-time and three part-time officers are Louisiana POST certified police officers.  All officers maintain POST firearms qualifications in addition to any other training that becomes available.

*Training Needs*

Hiring, training and retaining highly qualified officers is as much a necessity for smaller police departments as it is for larger agencies. Officers must be trained in every facet of law enforcement from operational procedures to risk management and liability. Smaller police departments are faced with three main obstacles when addressing the training needs of its officers: (1) the availability of training courses; (2) the cost of  training courses, which must includes registration fees, lodging, travel, and food; and (3) the manpower and minimum staffing requirements.

*Investigative Enforcement*

Misdemeanors - Uniformed patrol officers investigate all misdemeanors. If the investigation carries outside of our jurisdiction, the appropriate agency is involved.

Felonies - Uniformed patrol officers conduct the initial investigation of felonies. The Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office is called upon to assist in processing crime scenes if necessary. In the case of a violent felony, the investigation is turned over to the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office, with Blanchard Police Department acting as the assisting agency.

*Service Successes*

Staffing - To overcome problems of staffing, Blanchard Police Department utilizes part-time and reserve officers to augment the four full-time officers. With dedicated people, who were willing to accept reduced pay or no pay, the staffing problem as been overcome, on a short-time basis.

Equipment – The availability of equipment is ever increasing with a multitude of manufacturers and vendors entering the market area daily. With this growing competition, prices have been lowered to within reason for most public safety agencies. Reduced equipment costs, as well as local, state, and federal grants have assisted smaller agencies in purchasing necessary equipment. Departmental funds and grant monies are used wisely to purchase equipment which increases our ability to serve the public in the most efficient and effective manner possible. In 1980, a radio-telephone patch system was implemented for Blanchard Police Department, and eliminated the need and cost for dispatchers. Calls are received directly by the officers, either in the car or on portable radios. The introduction of in-car video systems has benefited our department through increased moral and the reduction or clearance of citizens’ complaints, and court costs. The real life videos are priceless when used for training by showing officers their actions, whether they are correct or need to be corrected. Suspects are pleading guilty in greater numbers due to video tape evidence. The department currently has five (5) vehicles fully equipped with standard radio equipment and each car is equipped with in-car video and audio systems.

Intra-Departmental Communications - Our patrol cars are equipped with radios that allow us to communicate with other police and fire agencies in our area. The use of the Caddo Sheriff's patrol channel is what makes our radio-telephone system effective. The Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office’s information system is utilized for registration checks, NCIC, etc.

*Service Concerns*

Staffing With limited funding available for salaries and benefits, the ability to maintain minimum staffing needs (which is four officers on three shifts with one relief officer, 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week for Blanchard Police Department) is a major concern

Equipment - The equipment required for basic patrol services has gone from a badge and a gun in the old days to radios, computers, video systems, and special purpose (and expensive) vehicles. Once again the lack of funding rears its ugly head.

Intra-Departmental Communication - The backbone of law enforcement is patrol. This is the most basic service that all citizens have a right to Law enforcement in general, not just patrol, suffers when what I call our safety net (patrol) is filled with gaps. There are many scenarios where the safety of the public and the safety of law enforcement officers could be compromised because of the lack of communications between the various agencies. Inter-agency communications is hindered due to the fact that each agency uses different radio frequencies and equipment. The Caddo Parish 9-1-1 Communications District is in the process of purchasing and implementing a parish-wide 800 MHz Trunked Radio System that will eliminate the inability of these agencies to communicate with each other, as well as the Bossier Police Department, the Bossier Sheriff’s Office and the Louisiana State Police.

Blanchard PD

For additional information about the

Blanchard Police Department,

please contact Chief Presswood at 318-929-3700

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