How to Obtain a Physical

"9-1-1" Address in Caddo Parish


Whether it's for new telephone service or other utilities, or perhaps a permit, you will be required to provide a valid street address, or physical "9-1-1" address.  In fact, you can not receive new telephone service in Caddo Parish without a valid address that emergency personnel can respond to the event that you call "9-1-1" for assistance.  Occasionally, the address you provide to the telephone company can not be found in their database and they will ask you to verify your correct address and call them back.  In order to do that, you must contact the appropriate agency listed below.

** NOTE **

The Caddo Parish 911 District is not responsible for assigning street names, block ranges, or house/ building addresses. You should not contact the Administrative Staff to verify this type of information.


If you live inside the city limits of Shreveport, please contact the City Engineer's Office at 318-673-6030.

If you live outside the city limits of Shreveport, or in one of the unincorporated townships, please contact the Parish Engineer's Office at 318-226-6949. 

Vivian residents should contact the Vivian Water and Sewerage Department at 318-375-2412. 

Mooringsport residents should contact the Town Clerk's Office at 318-996-7661.

Oil City residents should contact the Town Clerk's Office at 318-995-6681. 

Other numbers for addressing in our area:   
BAFB Post Office at 318-456-4475 assigns addresses for Barksdale Airforce Base.

Bossier Parish - Contact the Bossier Parish 9-1-1 Database Manager, Bossier Parish 9-1-1 Administrative Offices, at 318-965-2911.

DeSoto Parish - Contact the DeSoto 9-1-1 Office at 318-872-4600.

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