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(Competitive Class)


This class encompasses non-supervisory entry-level positions in the Fire Communications Division of the fire department. Fire Communications Officers I operate communications equipment, dispatch fire department emergency personnel and equipment, keep communications records, and perform other duties related to the communications function of the fire department. Employees of this class report to and have work reviewed by Fire Communications Officers IIs. This class ranks directly below that of Fire Communications Officer II.


Examples listed below are illustrative only. They are not intended to include all duties which may be assigned, neither are they intended to exclude other duties which may be logical assignments to this class.

Answers emergency calls and takes as much information as possible from the caller regarding the event and enters all information into computer, using appropriate codes and signals. Transmits information on emergency, determines which units to dispatch by using computer indexes and overrides computer selection of units according to departmental procedures. Sounds fire alarms in stations and transmits information on emergencies by utilizing teletype and computer codes. Utilizes computer aided dispatching(CAD) display in order to track location and condition of each firefighting unit, equipment, and crews at all times during an emergency. Receives and transmits messages relaying them between the fire scene and related department personnel. Uses designated computer codes to send or receive messages. Takes requests for assistance from units and provides needed assistance according to departmental procedures. Notifies all specified officers, special units and designated groups or agencies of working fires or emergency situations. Notifies police department by radio or telephone regarding movement of emergency equipment. Calls ambulance service, law enforcement agencies, utility companies, and any other required agencies or individuals for assistance at the fire or emergency scene according to departmental policies.

Assists a superior officer in contacting the owner of a building where a fire is in progress. Keeps track of the location and condition of firefighting crews and equipment. Replies to requests for information from emergency units and receives acknowledgments from firefighting units by radio. Sends companies to serve as back-up for stations from which all equipment is gone. Enters additional information received after the original incident was created to update computer files. Records all calls in order to create records of dispatch activity. Performs tasks required to comply with FCC regulations.

Operates teletype keyboard and uses designated teletype codes to send and receive messages. Operates TDD devices, intercom system, and radio as required. Answers department non-emergency phones, providing requested information or transferring caller to correct person or department. Answers calls from volunteer personnel concerning fire alarms. Utilizes telecommunications devices and software for the hearing impaired. Receives automatic alarms, locates address, determines correct fire or medical units to be dispatched by knowledge of computer indexes, and any other pertinent information. Personally completes forms and records as required to document dispatching activity for the division. Performs daily tests of equipment such as fire radios, fire telephones, alarm bells, paging devices, emergency lines, volunteer unit equipment, teletype, or public address systems by sending and receiving messages or recording and playing back messages to ensure proper readiness for service as prescribed by department policy. Assists a superior officer in providing for the repair of malfunctioning communications equipment and with inspections of equipment, property or operating systems after repairs are completed.

Performs any related duties as assigned.


Unless otherwise specified, all requirements must be met by the filing deadline for application for admission to the examination. Must meet all requirements of the Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Law, including being a citizen of the United States, and of legal age. After offer of employment, but before beginning work in this class, must pass a physical examination, the selection and administration of which shall be authorized by the Appointing Authority, designed to demonstrate good health and physical fitness sufficient to perform the essential duties of the position, with or without accommodation. Applicant must possess one of the following: high school diploma, general educational development (G.E.D.)certificate, high school transcript, affidavit from the issuing high school, associate’s or bachelor’s degree, or college transcript, any one of which must indicate that graduation has occurred or a degree awarded. A certification of completion shall not be sufficient to substitute for a diploma or G.E.D. certificate.

Must not be less than twenty-one (21) years of age.

Contact City of Shreveport, Personnel Division, Civil Service Representative for additional information.



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