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(Competitive Class)



Employees in positions of this class perform entrance-level work in operating communications equipment, keeping records, and other duties in the communications center of the police department. They answer Public Safety, Emergency, and 911 telephones in the Communications Center, dispatch police units and keep simple records of these activities following department procedures. Duties of this class require the ability to act independently following standard operating procedures. Communications Officers report to and have work reviewed by the supervisor assigned to the communications center.


Examples listed below are illustrative only. They are not intended to include all duties which may be assigned, neither are they intended to exclude other duties which may be logical assignments to this class.

Answers telephone and secures the most accurate information possible for any incident from the caller; takes complaints from other sources such as police units; determines the correct unit(s) to be dispatched or the correct office to which the caller should be transferred and any other pertinent information by following departmental procedures; dispatches unit(s).

Keeps track of location and condition of each unit at all times; stays in touch with units; takes requests for assistance and complies with such; relays instructions from supervisors, messages, emergency information, etc.

Calls state police or other law enforcement agencies by phone or radio to send or receive messages concerning auto licenses, drivers licenses, runaways, criminal records, etc.

Answers all assigned Public Safety, Emergency, and 911 telephones in the Communications Center and transfers callers to the correct office or department.

Keeps logs, records, files, and lists by making entries on a regular basis or by periodically reviewing and updating information.

Files report forms, cards, logs, tapes, or other items for future reference; fills out forms, reports, or official documents required by the department;

Notifies repair crew or supervisor of any malfunctioning equipment.

Trains new communications officers by giving demonstrations, assisting with work performance, or supervising work performed during training period.

Prepares for shift change by briefing oncoming shift or by being briefed by outgoing shift, checking records from previous shift, or assembling necessary supplies and equipment.

Performs related duties as assigned.


Unless otherwise specified, all requirements must be met before admission to examination.

Must be at least 21 years of age.

Must have a high school diploma or a valid certificate of equivalency issued by a state department of education.

Prior to appointment must pass a medical examination assuring good health sufficient to indicate to the board and appointing authority to physical ability to satisfactorily perform the duties of the position.

Must meet all requirements of the Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Law, including being a citizen of the United States and passing a civil service examination for the position.



The primary duty of this position is to augment the full-time police communications staff by providing additional personnel resources for backup or relief purposes. This duty is restricted to a limited number of hours per week and is assigned at the discretion of an authorized communications service bureau supervisor or the bureau commander.

It is the responsibility of the Part-Time Call-Taker to operate a telephone complaint console in the Caddo Parish 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Center. This involves answering calls placed to the police department’s main telephone number and to the parish 9-1-1 trunks, obtaining information, then deciding upon a course of action intended to assist the caller or others on whose behalf the caller is acting.

The action will routinely be to provide information to the caller; to transfer the caller to another bureau within the police department; to create a computerized incident record for radio dispatch purposes; or, to refer the caller to another agency, service or individual for personal assistance.

Variable work days, work hours, and meal hours apply to this position.



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