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CLASS TITLE: Dispatcher

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: Positions allocated to this classification dispatch emergency and non-emergency equipment and personnel in response to calls for service made to the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Department, including sheriff, fire, ambulance, and other agencies, by means of a two-way radio, and obtain and transmit information requested by Deputy Sheriff’s by means of a teletype.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED AND EXERCISED: The position in this classification report to the Senior Dispatcher.

TYPICAL TASKS: The following tasks are typical for positions in the classification. Any single position may not perform all of these tasks, and/or may perform similar related tasks not listed here.

1. Receives telephone complaints concerning crimes; promptly and courteously obtains information regarding the call for service such as the name of the complainant, address, phone number, and type of incident; determines priority, and promptly dispatches appropriate Sheriff patrol units by radio to investigate. Relays instructions and questions from field units.

2. Maintains contact with Sheriff patrol units at all times during shift assignment in order to promptly send needed or requested assistance in event of emergency.

3. Receives telephone information concerning medical emergencies; obtains information regarding the call such as address and type of medical emergency, and dispatches promptly fire and ambulance units by radio. Relays instructions and questions from the field.

4. Receives telephone information concerning fires in the Lakeview and
Dixie Gardens fire districts; obtains information regarding the fire such as location and extent of fire, and promptly dispatches appropriate fire and ambulance units by radio. Relays instructions and questions from field units.

5. Checks records as necessary to provide suspect information, provide pre-fire planning data, and other record checks as necessary to provide Deputy Sheriff’s or fire units with information.

6. Monitors silent alarm panel. Dispatches appropriate Sheriff patrol units when the alarm goes off.

7. Maintains a radio log for all calls for service indicating the time of calls, the unit dispatched, and key information transmitted.

8. Sends, receives and disperses teletype information in order to enter wanted persons, stolen vehicles, and other information onto criminal justice information network.

9. Performs a variety of clerical tasks including processing of arrest and criminal history records, maintaining ambulance log, typing forms and letters, processing of warrants and traffic tickets, and the like.

10. Services as desk clerk.

11. Monitors courthouse security alarms and prisoner loading and unloading in the basement of the Caddo Parish Courthouse.


Knowledge of the geographic layout of Caddo Parish.

Ability to speak clarly, distinctly, and concisely; work and think quickly under pressure and exercise good judgment in emergency situations; operate teletypes and typewriters; write/print legibly; spell accurately; sit for long periods of time; hear and understand messages from the field; work any shift; maintain accurate records; establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and the public.

Skill in operating a typewriter and other common office machines; making arithmetic computations.

Training and Experience: Any combination equivalent to training and experience that could likely provide the required knowledge, abilities, and skills would be qualifying. A typical way to obtain the knowledge, abilities, and skills would be at least one year of work experience that required constant and responsible public contact preferably with radio broadcasting equipment, and equivalent to completion of the twelfth grade.



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